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Adaptive Reuse Proposal : Four Courts, Dublin

Proposed Architectural Intervention

Enclosure of Courtyards via Glazed Toroidal Roof Structures

A New Northside Destination

Consolidating the City Core

Expanding upon Dublin’s Architectural, Cultural and Civic Offering

A Sophisticated Civic Space Proposition for Dublin

A New Gathering Place.

A Catalyst for Future Urban Regeneration

A New North South Urban Axis

Reclaiming the River

Viewing Plaza & Link Bridges.

Urban Living Rooms

Rainy Day Refuge…

Proposal Backround

Adaptive Reuse Proposal for The Four Courts, Dublin from 2016

Design Proposals / Intellectual Property

Custom House Proposal

Adaptive Reuse Design Proposal

Round Tower Building

Tall Building Proposal

Dublin Dome

A Potential Urban Oasis

Sligo Masterplan

Proposal from 2017

Waterfront Proposal

Office Design Proposal

Condo Proposal

Luxury Residential Design

Design Proposals / IP

Four Courts Proposal

Adaptive Reuse Proposal 2016